Valentine's Day: A Day for Self-Love


Bless yourself with some affection.

By Jonathan Chau | Photos By Sam Bloom

Love comes in different forms. But on Valentine’s Day, it feels like it doesn’t. Young couples are overdoing it with lovey-dovey garbage. Young singles are all emo and anti-love. But we forget about self-love, we forget about self-care. 

Like RuPaul says, “if you don’t love yourself, how are you gonna love anybody else?” Today make it about you. Pick up a magazine you haven’t read in a hot minute. Watch Netflix while eating all the heart-shaped candies. Dress up in red and let yourself feel seductive and sultry, even if it’s for yourself.

Take the time for you. That’s what our model, Blessing Emole, is doing tonight.

Creative Direction: Abby Fritz and Jonathan Chau

Styling: Annie Blay and Jonathan Chau