Prairie Chic: Your New Favorite Spring Trend


Little House on the Prairie fashion is totally a thing.

By Melanie Speach | Photos by Olivia De Chiara

This annoying hot and cold weather has us all confused on whether we should keep our puffers on, or if it’s time to bust out our sun dresses.  While we all love our pretty, flowy, floral dresses, this weird in-between season between winter and spring gives us a chance to blend our spring and winter wardrobes for a feminine, yet edgy look.

Of course by now we know florals for spring aren’t all that groundbreaking, but this look is so much more than pastels and daisies; it’s about accessorizing with layers. The use of layers like boots, belts, sweatshirts, and jackets, allow the prairie look to morph into an almost utility fashion which can be worn every day.

Designers such as, John Galliano, Coach, and Batsheva brought this to life and featured pastoral dresses in their Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear collections. Not only was this seen in big fashion week shows, but it was also seen both on and off the runway in smaller fashion weeks shows like Copenhagen.

Here’s how you can bring the look to life.

Model: Amber Barbell

Model: Amber Barbell

Pair a midi, maxi or tea length floral ditsy dress with a pair of boots (cowboy boots are super in) for a cute look perfect for those days with cold mornings and warm afternoons .

Model: Hannah Zaslansky

Model: Hannah Zaslansky

Pair your favorite shorts with a fringe western style jacket for when its warm enough to wear shorts but still kinda chilly. Add some detail with a statement belt to tie the look together.


Photo by Olivia De Chiara

Lighting by Sam Bloom

Styling by Jonathan Chau, Abby Fritz