5 Essentials You'll Need This Fall


For your next apple picking insta.

By Besty Hart

Grab a pumpkin spice latte and light your apple cinnamon candles (unless you live in a residence hall) because Fall is finally here. The days of sweating through your clothes are gone, and here’s to layering for the brisk morning breeze. While Fall has some of the year’s best activities like apple picking, pumpkin carving, and watching scary movies, it can also be tricky to dress for. Days can be chilly and windy in the morning and then bright and sunny by the afternoon. The unpredictable weather makes comfort and style difficult, but it is possible to both look and feels good. These are some of the essentials necessary to enjoy Fall and look amazing while doing it.


This simple hair accessory is no longer stuck in the ‘90s. The classic scrunchie is a great alternative to a hairband. Though small, it is effective and cute. Not only does it keep the wind from blowing your hair in your face, but also adds a fun pattern or a pop of color to your outfit. Small but mighty, a scrunchie can tie your whole look together.

Cropped Sweaters

Just because its Fall doesn’t mean you can’t show some skin. Cropped sweaters are the best way to stay warm while showing off a little midriff. Go for a turtleneck to contrast the short length or grab a chunkier knit for the cooler days. No matter what cropped sweater you choose, you’ll stun anyone who lays eyes on you.

Loose fitting denim

While the skinny jeans are a classic, they’re also old news. Looser fitting denim is on the rise, and this Fall couldn’t be a better time to experiment with a new pair. Whether you go for a boyfriend jean, mom jean, or dad jean, you’ll be comfy and stylish.

Chelsea Boots  

For the fall, a good boot is a must. Chelsea boots can go with everything. Dress them up or down, with dresses or jeans or leggings. With a good pair of Chelsea boots, you’ll make everyone jealous of your outfit from head to toe.

Boot Socks

Shoes deserve accessories too. Make your outfit subtly stand out with a patterned pair of socks, or polish your outfit with complementary shades to match the rest. They stick out of your boots enough to not be overpowering but still add to the aesthetic. They may seem arbitrary, but a good pair of socks can complete the whole look.