The Best of Beyoncé’s OTR II Looks


She really did wake up like this.

By Betsy Hart

Beyonce served some amazing looks at her and Jay-Z’s On The Run II (OTR II) Tour. Running from June 6 to October 6, the pair’s second co-headlining tour, was truly an event. With intense choreography, explosive theatrics, and cry-worthy performances, the multiple outfits were just a bonus. And let’s be honest, everyone was here for Beyoncé, or at least they were by the end. She stunned the crowd in everything from oversized hats to fabulous bodysuits to dramatic capes. Beyonce can make a trash bag look gorgeous, so deciding which looks were the best was hard, but here are some favorites:

Bedazzled Beauty

Beyonce demands everyone’s full attention, and this shimmering look made everyone intensely focus. The Queen was so stunning in this LaQuan Smith bodysuit and blazer, the audience completely forgot about Jay-Z. Beyonce rocked this gorgeous look and restored all faith in turtlenecks. In this sparkling number, she proved that pants aren’t always necessary.

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Gucci Galore

The pair definitely does not need any more money, but Beyonce still embraced the bandit vibes of OTR II. Who knew a robber can look this fashionable. She rocked a mesh, bedazzled ski mask, letting her fierce eyes shine. She takes the oversized hoodie to the next level –in her Gucci jacket with matching Gucci over-the-knee boots. If she was a real robber, she probably wouldn’t want to bring that much attention to herself, but Beyonce is criminally sexy in Gucci.

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Latex Head-to-Toe

No one ever looked so good with their face is completely covered than Beyonce in this outfit. This all-black ensemble was an iconic Beyonce look but on steroids. The latex and thigh high boots add a fierce edge to a classic Beyonce black bodysuit. The combination of classic Beyonce and edgy Sasha Fierce is a match made in heaven.

Royal Treatment

Beyonce knows she’s a queen, and rightfully so. In a mini-dress and a dramatic purple cape, Beyoncé expects the audience to treat her like royalty. The Queen looked like a trophy in the gold embellished dress. The cape is a bonus, adding to the luxurious ambiance. The small, black sunglasses, showed that royals can be trendy bad bitches too.

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Versatility is key. In this sparkly, black Givenchy bodysuit turned dress, Beyonce proved it. She flawlessly transitioned from one amazing mood to another. The skirt was beautiful and feminine while the high slit and leather over-the-knee boots showed off the badass side of our queen. She then removed the skirt and rocked the bodysuit on its own, channeling iconic “Single Ladies” vibes. This look brought out all of Beyonce’s best persona’s. It couldn’t have been better.