4 Virtual Ways to Get Your Sexy Summer Bod

Anything is virtually possible.

By Caitlyn Hanlon

Swimsuit season is fast approaching and that means it’s time to hit the gym. But with finals, jobs, and extracurriculars, who has the time? Let’s be real, who wants to go to the gym and workout on sweat covered equipment… not me!  Now you can avoid these problems with virtual reality fitness. Several companies have created equipment that makes users and even gamers want to workout. So, throw on your Juicy Couture sweatsuit and get fit in the comfort of your own home.


ICAROS is a European company with a variety of virtual reality fitness machines including their lightweight and easy to assemble product, ICAROS HOME. For those of you who dream of traveling, but simply do not have the funds to do so; this machine allows its users to explore different virtual worlds by flying or swimming through them. It focuses on your upper body, core, reflexes, balance, and coordination. Choose your workout level, game scenarios, and machine settings and be prepared to flex your fab new bod after flexing your muscles on the ICAROS HOME.

2. VirZOOM

VirZOOM has created an indoor bike that connects to a VR headset, so you can bike from the comfort of your home. This bike is anything but boring; through the headset, you can choose to bike along various paths, go canoeing, ride a horse, and even fly a pegasus, depending on how risky you feel of course. Let your adventurous side out on your majestic journey to fitness.

3. Black Box

If you’d rather step out of your place to workout, but are not feeling the gym vibe, don’t worry, Black Box is a virtual reality gym located in San Francisco, CA (sorry east coasters, hopefully, they’ll open one up in ‘Cuse soon).  At Black Box, you are the controller, you can immerse yourself into a virtual reality world where you compete in different exercises against a computer programmed character. Get ready to kick some major booty🍑 at the Black Box gym.

4. VR Fit

VRFit is another virtual reality fitness gym, located in Columbus, Ohio. Here you can step into an alternate universe and work it in order to slay this summer. VRFit provides individual workouts so you can have a gym session that revolves around you. For the social butterfly, there are group sessions where you can get toned with a small group of fitness baddies because this summer, it’s virtually possible to get your dream bod!