Name Your Nugget


Find your spirit chicken nugget.

By Taylor Steiner


Shake Shack is the latest establishment to add beloved chicken nuggets to their menu. From prehistoric dinosaur chicken nuggets to the modern chicken tenders, which nugget type fits your personality?

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

What do you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut, a firefighter or maybe the President of the United States. Honestly you probably still don’t know. You live your life as the fairytale you imagined it would be when you were younger, except you're still wondering where your prince is and if you have kissed one too many frogs. When the clock strikes midnight you’re not losing your glass slipper, but instead on your one your way to Marshall street only to be disappointed that the chicken fingers at Akrop don’t come in dinosaur form. You emulate the dinosaur chicken nugget because you stay forever young.

Chick-fil-a grilled nuggets

The type of person to order grilled chicken nuggets at a fast-food restaurant is the same person who wears yoga pants every day and has never done yoga. You most likely enjoy a good spin class where the instructor aggressively yells at you to get in third position and pulse to the Taylor Swift remix on the beat. You don’t mind, because you really take the lyric “players gon’ play play play play play” to heart, and you know the calories you’re burning right now are gonna make that player miss you. After that, you deserve to treat yourself, so you opt for a grilled nugget with extra chick-fil-a sauce. Everyone needs a little sweetness in their life.

McDonalds McNuggets

Do you call yourself an old soul? You have your headphones in and have the classics on replay. You’re all for going out, but you need to be in bed at a reasonable time, so you’re able to wake up the next day and be productive. Fashion-wise you stick to basics, because there is rarely an occasion where a white v-neck and jeans won’t suffice. Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets are a classic, and so are you. You know what works and you stick to it, never getting caught up in trends or fads. You are one with the McNuggets.

Chicken Tenders at a Restaurant

You are an adult living on your own, but would be nothing with the support system of your mom guiding you every 5 seconds. Sometimes you feel like you need to be the child that you are while acting like the adult you need to be, so the best solution is to order chicken tenders from the big kid menu at the nice restaurant. Don't worry, we all have those days.

You: Do you know where we put the tide pods when we moved in?

Mom: Is this your first time doing laundry?

You: I just drank an iced coffee.

Mom: Okay!

You: Ruby Lou is so cute.


You: Can you edit my paper?

Shake Shack Chik’n bites:

You are always late to parties, just like how this nugget is super late to the game. However, fashionably late is your M.O. You always make an entrance where ever you go, because you spent five extra minutes on straightening your hair and then another 20 minutes dancing to the new Chainsmokers song in the mirror. Then just as you were walking out the door, you got distracted while sending selfies with the latest Snapchat filter that makes your skin look flawless. Who cares? Because you are flawless. You put a new twist on basic that makes everyone's heads turn when you enter, just like this chik’n’bite from Shake Shack.