The Secret to Looking Cool and Staying Cozy


Ditch the bulky fits at home and feel the same warmth.

By Aorui Pi

Winter is here in full force, and dressing for it can be anything but easy. Stop overhauling your closet and pick up these five items that save you the hassle, and the bulk.

  1. Uniqlo Heattech underwear


Welcome to 21st century, where Uniqlo has launched a new version of Heattech underwear. These thin stylish undergarments use a revolutionary fabric that works with your body to generate heat, and retain it! Heattech converts moisture into warmth when you need it most, and will keep you moving comfortably all day long. The dread of running errands in the freezing cold will be a thing of the past as this product is your new go-to, especially when desperately trying to avoid the flu season. So test your limits, even throw on your favorite leggings because even in a polar vortex this product’s got your back.

2. Winter Body Warmer Stick

When the temperature drops to 20 degrees ºF, you need something long lasting to keep warm inside your jacket, and Kiribai Kairo products are one of our top picks. Cheap, warm, and easy to use are all things we love to hear, but these little packets do more than you might think. They consist of three parts: a raw material layer, gelatin layer, and non-woven fabric all wrapped up in a small patch to provide the heat this freezing winter has deprived us all of. It’s even invisible under your clothing, and the outer layer equipped with a soft non-woven fabric makes it super comfortable to stick on. Paired with your Heattech gear, this product provides double the protection and warmth so you feel the heat wherever your activities take you.

3. Scarves

If you want to add to your outfit in extremely cold weather, a colorful and cozy scarf is key to ensuring that you stand out amongst a sea of dark jackets. It’s the time of year to fight the cold with this iconic accessory that can enhance one’s aura in a single second. Even though a scarf is a basic staple during this season, Acne Studios has some great designs to satisfy everyone! From the colorful lattice to solid colors, all are easy to match to your wintertime fits. Check some of our favorites out in the link above!

4. Dyson Fan Heater

Save energy and money with this fascinating high-tech fan heater from Dyson. Air Multiplier technology quickly and evenly heats or cools indoor areas resulting in a more comfortable environment. Students may not control the temperature in the winter, this fan can easily monitor the temperature then adjust it. Thus, students would not waste their money buying blankets. No exposed heating elements, no burning smell, no fast rotating blades, just a cozy fireplace-like setting whenever you want it!  

5. Hand Warmer

Two things we can’t go without this winter: heat, and our phones. Luckily, the Qcoopa Hand Warmer can fit in your pocket, and be used as a portable phone charger. This high tech two-in-one product is very affordable. Structured with three levels of heat and 2-3 hours of charging support, the Qcoopa Hand Warmer provides long-lasting warmth for 4-8 hours. The days of trudging through a snow day with a dead phone are over as this hand warmer can literally save a life. Warm hands and a fully-charged phone- now that’s what it feels like to be safe and satisfied!