What’s In Style Right Now: Voting!


Voting is the New Vogue

By Sydney Reibman

Whether it was going to early voting, mailing in your absentee ballot, or taking a trip to the polls today, your vote matters!

It’s easy to think the biggest decision you will make this season is which new pair of winter boots you decide to order, or which puffy coat you should wear to class. In reality, the biggest and most important trend throughout society right now is voting.

This current election has the ability to alter various flaws our society is dealing with today, but only if you actually vote. Exercising your right to vote, if you are an eligible United States Citizen, is crucial.

In the past, many people made excuses like, “I don’t have time to go to the polls,” or “I forgot that was today,” or the most common “So many people already vote, my one vote won’t make a difference.” Well, you’re wrong.

If you can discuss beliefs about specific political issues with friends, family, and even on social media, you should be taking those opinions to the polls. Just because you constantly write on Facebook about how you want to help find solutions for gun control, health care, environmental issues, or any other problems society faces today, it doesn’t matter if you don’t vote.

Voter turnout has been extremely low in the past among the younger generations, but hopefully this year will be different. Prior to this election, a lot of young citizens believed that protesting and raising money for the causes they stand for was simply enough. It seems as though they now understand they must actually vote if they want to see these changes happen. At this turning point in United States history, young people will be the change that our country needs.

This year’s mid-term election will determine the voices that will deal with some of the biggest social and political issues in society. These representatives will be your voice for the next two years, so if you believe someone will do more harm than good, vote them out!

Throughout history, people have fought for the right to vote for all U.S. citizens. How would they feel if they found out that you thought your individual vote didn’t matter?

We’ve witnessed what the consequences of believing that your one vote doesn't matter. Vote for the change you want to see in the world. Now isn’t the time to make any excuses. Voting gives you the opportunity to choose a candidate who has the ability to make major decisions.

While deciding between two new pairs of jeans may seem like a life or death decision, who you vote for is even more important. These representatives have the ability to make changes on policies that could significantly impact all of us. So vote like your life, and everyone else’s, depend on it, because they do.