10 Things I Learned at NYFW

Am I Anna Wintour yet?

By Staci Soslowitz

There’s been a few moments in my life where I’ve had butterflies in my stomach, like my first dance recital or the first day of college. None of these moments prepared me for the feeling of excitement I experienced the morning of my first New York Fashion Week show.

I always dreamed I’d be sitting front row next to Anna Wintour (because, duh) but you have to start small. I received the opportunity from a previous summer internship to help out at their shows and obviously I couldn’t say no. Even though I’d be setting up gift bags and assisting backstage, the idea of being at a runway show was thrilling. I did not know what to expect, but I knew this would be an experience like no other.  Here are 10 things I learned at NYFW.

1.     Prep always starts WAY before showtime.

Models, PR teams, hair and makeup teams, dressers and tech crew all have to be backstage usually two hours before showtime. It may seem crazy to prepare that long in advance for a fifteen minute show, but there is SO much that goes into the show that you don’t know about.

2.     Models, they’re just like us.

Well, not really. These girls come to the backstage area already looking like they are ready to walk down the runway. Despite their glam, all-natural clad faces, they still want to eat some food and chill out before showtime.

3.     Backstage is POPPIN’ before showtime.

Between interviews, Front-row seaters and the occasional random wannabe, being backstage is super hectic. People will try ANYTHING to snag a credential (backstage pass).

4.     Everyone wants to be front row.

Obviously, it’s the best view, but in order to snag this coveted seat, you need to A) Be an editor or buyer, B) have at least 200K Instagram followers, C) Be friends with the designer.

5.     The outfits are unreal.

People go ALL OUT with their wardrobes because, duh. It is a truly unique experience seeing dozens of people wearing the most outrageous fashion statements.

6.     Working a show is HARD WORK.

You have to run between backstage and front-of-house and back again probably eight times before the show starts. Backstage doesn’t necessarily mean behind the runway, it can be downstairs, down a long hallway, outside the building and back inside. (Looking at you, @Spring Studios.)

7.     Celebrities are everywhere.

Half the time you don’t even recognize who is famous and who isn’t. Some Disney star walked right passed me, and I thought she was one of the models. #SorryNotSorry

8.     It takes a team of volunteers to dress each model.

Students from FIT, Parsons and so on all come to shows just to dress models. I mean, if you have 30 seconds to change an entire look, you’re gonna need some assistance.

9.     Watching the show from inside is the most unreal experience.

(My actual expression during the Nonie Show.)

There is something truly magical about being right there when the show is going on. I felt so ~important~ knowing I was one of the first to see the new collection!

10.  Shows are only like 10 minutes.

(Me trying to get from one show to the next in under 5 minutes.)

Despite the insane amount of preparations for the shows, they are over and done in the blink of an eye. Then it’s on to the next one!

Working my first fashion show was truly an unforgettable experience. Although it was a lot of work, I definitely learned so much about the fashion industry. Hopefully, someday I’ll be sitting front row next to Anna Wintour. Hey, a girl can dream.