Gucci Questions Beauty in Unconventional Campaign


Beauty is outdated.

By Jonathan Chau

Gucci’s new video for their Spring/Summer 2019 beauty campaign, Unconventional Beauty, aims to break beauty norms in a world dominated by Instagram influencers and editing apps like Facetune. The video is as haunting as it is stunning. While it steps away from the brand’s usual campaigns, I live for Alessandro Michele’s vision.

Runway models tell the video’s director Frank Lebon what beauty means to them, as they stare into their own reflections in shards of glass. “I think beauty is outdated,” whispers the first model, with sharp, thin eyebrows and short brown hair. She gazes indirectly at the viewer and questions what it means to be beautiful in 2018.

“Scars,” another model responds as voices begin to layer. Diversity. Lips. Eyes. Freckles. Smile. Our need to look perfect has been contrived by the beauty industry for years. Hearing runway models from a heritage fashion house accepting their perceived flaws is refreshing.

But beauty goes beyond physical appearance — it’s also about how you feel, your emotions and thoughts. And the video explores that aspect of beauty too.

“I like what I see in myself,” a model says. Some see confidence, some see themselves at their most natural. Others see themselves as a reflection of the way others look at them.

Reconstructing our beauty standards and challenging traditional narratives is important for diversity and inclusiveness, especially in an industry traditionally known for its lack thereof. These conversations about what beauty means to different people are part of a growing trend. Brands are looking to bring out beauty from within — they are looking at what it means to feel, not just look, beautiful.

The movement is about embracing what you have. It’s about natural skin, natural hair, natural eyebrows. Love what you have, and don’t feel pressured to change who you are.