5 Pumpkin-Inspired Products to Spice up Your Makeup Routine


There’s a latte to love about pumpkin spice.

By Shannon Stubbs

It’s nearing the end of October, which means everyone’s favorite season is in full swing. Fall is great for so many reasons: cooler weather after an unrelenting summer, the chance to break out your cute winter coats, and autumn activities (apple picking for the win).

But the best part of the season, by far, is pumpkin EVERYTHING. From food and drink (hello, PSLs) to the color appearing in fall fashion, it’s truly the season of the pumpkin. As a beauty junkie, why would I not extend this obsession to my products as well? You’d be surprised how many brands offer pumpkin-inspired products.

This sweet-smelling shower gel will most definitely put you in the fall mood, and the brand has other seasonal scents such as brown sugar, vanilla, and nutmeg. It also functions as a bubble bath and shampoo, so you can be pumpkin-scented from head to toe.

After a sweaty, sunny summer, your skin has definitely been through too much by the time fall comes around. So what better way to greet the new season than with a deep, deep cleanse of your pores? This mask will do exactly that. With exfoliating pumpkin enzyme and alpha hydroxy acids, your complexion will look more radiant and smooth than ever.  

When I think of an autumn statement lip, deep reds and vibrant purples come to mind. But a vibrant orange color like this one might be another way to spice up your look this year. This creamy formula is made with monoi butter and coconut oil, so your lips will be extra hydrated during the cold, dry weather.

Popular in Korean beauty, sleeping packs are basically overnight moisturizers that deliver intense hydration to your skin while you sleep. This one is not only pumpkin-scented, but is also formulated with pumpkin fermentation extract, along with vitamin A and vitamin C. This soothing mask will keep your skin supple all fall long.

This light hand cream would be a more subtle fall touch to your beauty routine, with a mixed fragrance of pumpkin, vanilla, hazelnut and maple syrup. It’s $6 and 100 percent vegan — why isn’t in your cart already?

Cover Image from 123RF